Decoding the Infinite Forest

How do you photograph a forest? A forest presents itself along a path, creating an immersive and timeless experience, unfolding in a progression. Most photographs depict a contained space at a moment in time. I am interested in extending both of these dimensions.

A “forest” is conceptually unconstrained and without bounds. By creating a long window into the scene with no sky/foreground elements, I intended to imply the infinite and replicate what our normal field of vision would see on a trail. The forest is presented consistently as an objective composition within this frame. My interest is to study multiple locations, subjects, and type (old growth/managed) to determine if there is a visual signature unique to each condition, appealing to my engineering disposition to rationalize the chaos that is the forest. This code becomes apparent only when viewing multiple tree forms as they become the notes, chords, rests, and tempo of a musical score. 

Our culture of consumption continues to have a devastating effect on our forests. As a witness to the miraculous place any forest can be, my hope is that this project may in some way, contribute to the wisdom to conserve, manage, and protect these living resources.