Broken: The Fractured Forests of Florida’s Panhandle

Broken is a new series in process, investigating the fractured forests of Florida’s Panhandle, ravaged by Hurricane Michael’s Category 5 winds in October, 2018. A 50 mile swath cut through heavily forested lands, blowing down anything that could not withstands its fury, damaging land, property, and all living things. What does it mean to have a natural disaster alter the landscape? Does the death of a tree or animal by hurricane any less than that from the deforestation by man’s machines? How do you reconcile the event? Or do you need to? What of this forest, now that it has been “damaged,” trees toppled, snapped at the waist, blown to submission in a permanent lean. How does the forest on Day 2 start to grow again?

My explorations continue and hope to extend to the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid devastation in the Appalachians and the recent fires in Northern California.